Bienvenue en Louisiane!




She is a Lady; Her Treasures I’ve seen…

Steamboats and Bonfires and Creole Cuisine!
Strawberries and Seafood, Sugarcane and Rice,

Mardi Gras, Cotton and Hot Cajun Spice!

Marshlands and Campgrounds, Bayous and Beaches,

Melons, Pecans and don’t forget peaches!

She’s the Belle of the Ball! What else can I say?

She’s magic and music and Cafe au Lait!

Down by the levee near a plantation gate…

Where pirogues drift and festivals wait!

She’s Spanish-Moss Mornings, A place I know well…

A walk by the River, a distant church bell!
She’s Saints and Sinners! Indulgent yet, Divine…
A lot more fun than the other 49!
She’s Zydeco, Gospel, She’s Blues and She’s Jazz…
Just something about her no other state has!

It goes without saying; It’s a feeling inside…

Louisiana MY HOMELAND… Louisiana MY PRIDE!!!

By Todd~Michael St. Pierre

 LakeV(Photo © Lake Verret: Attakapas Landing, Near Napoleonville, LA!)

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By Todd-Michael St. Pierre(Registered/ASCAP/Sidewalk Side Music)

Catholic candles, dripping wax,
In the attic: One strong axe.
Nana Rose was very wise…
“Keep for when the waters rise!”

On a rooftop, your first breath,
Brought our city back from death.
Never once did you dare cry,
Siren screams…  your lullaby.
In the streets below we saw,
Drowning ghosts of Mardi Gras.
We prayed for HELP… you just smiled…
You are the sacred Storm Child!

Christened by the August rain,
Born amidst the hurricane,
(Her name need not be spoken,
Too many hearts were broken)

Chopper rope: Hey grab ahold…
Baby girl just hours old,
Force of nature you prevailed,
Even as the levees failed
To stop old man Pontchartrain,
Your new eyes could not see pain.
Sleeping there, your dreams ran wild…
You are the mighty Storm Child!

Of pure magic you were born,
Like music from Satchmo’s horn.
May your life be filled with jazz,
All the beauty this world has,
May joie de vivre fill your soul,
May good gumbo fill your bowl.
Only sweet things lie in store…
May New Orleans thrive once more.
May the monkeys ask for you,
Down at the Audubon Zoo.
May the storms in life be mild…
For you, the bless-ed Storm Child!
You are the sacred…
You are the mighty…
You are the bless-ed…
Storm Child!

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Reviews and Accolades

“The new book is simply a beautiful and authentic reflection of the Treme neighborhood, not all the fancy-smancy uptown NOLA or NYC influenced and/or fusion-hybrid silliness that the HBO series tries to force onto a show that is supposed to be, primarily, about a nitty-gritty, down-to-earth area of the city of New Orleans. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show over-all and I understand they have poetic license; I just especially love that this book stays true to the Faubourg Treme and its history, music and food customs and does genuine justice to its culture! Thanks for keepin’ it real and not BAM-ing it up or over Spicer-ing it or (& I thank the culinary gods for this one most) not Bourdain-ing it to death! Braveaux!” -Lisa LaFleur-Tobias (Fleur-De-Lisa)

“Todd-Michael has done so much in promoting the foods of New Orleans by way of his many well written cookbooks. ‘A Street Car Named Delicious” is an excellent book filled with many great recipes you’ll be making over and over. I’m from the Detroit area, and I’ve been learning to cook the Creole New Orleans way and I refer to T-M for many great recipes. I can’t wait for his upcoming book “Taste of Treme”! I highly recommend T-M’s cookbooks. He allows you to experience New Orleans in your kitchen no matter where you are!” –Red Beans and Eric

“Thank you very much Lisa. That was most important to me when I was writing and compiling this book. I definitely didn’t want the “Duck Sandwiches with Pepper Jelly sauce and Cashews” and other such hogwash mentioned on the show, I love the show overall but agree with you on that regard! That’s “Hollywood” for you though, the word Tremé should never be used in the same sentence with something as pretentious as that. PS: Taste of Tremé is about real New Orleans’ home-cookin’ not restaurant BS! Not outside carpetbaggers jumpin’ on a bandwagon here! I’m a foodie and a New Orleans native, not a trained chef, just a damned good cook! I grew up around real everyday Creole and Cajun cooks in their home kitchens, camps and backyards, I’m not a celebrity show-off! I had to keep it real or else my mama would of smacked me good and still would! Thanks again for getting it!”  T~M


​—Note: Yes it is one of those infamous, southern Double-First names given to him by his Cajun Mama, and one that he has actually gone-by his entire life and likes… “It’s only three little syllables” as he stated to me recently, “one may, by all means, call me T-M instead …just not Todd, please!” Well, if you want him to respond at all, that is! I found his latest cookery book Taste of Tremé impressive on a myriad of levels; I’ve enjoyed cooking from it almost as much as I’ve enjoyed the humorous tidbits, New Orleans historical references and local color  that it so generously shares with the reader! A most-welcome addition to the kitchens of those, who like me, love Louisiana’s exquisite food, music and culture! Hey Todd-Michael! As we say here in the deep south… “Just call me in time for supper! Especially if you’re cooking!”

Rose-Marie August,​
(Two-Words. One-Name! Not “Rose”) ​10/12/2015—

“I couldn’t help but smile at recipes for “Found My Thrill Char-Grilled Oysters”, “Mon Mere’s 7th Ward Gumbo”, “Port of New Orleans Shrimp Apollo” and “Abundantly Blessed Spaghetti.” Though the author himself calls his style “campy”, I just think it’s a warm, sincere and innocent way to reflect his love for New Orleans, something I can relate to wholeheartedly.” – Kimberly Ranjbar

“Todd-Michael is a gifted writer and poet with a heart as big as the south, which he pours into both his children’s books and his cookbooks. As far as children’s books, My granddaughter’s favorites are Crawfish Family Band and A Piece of Sky. One thing we love about them is that they are published with French and/or Spanish right alongside of English. He works with some incredible illustrators so they are beautiful to look at and whimsical, just like his poetry. As for me, I enjoy his cookbooks which offer unique dishes from the heart of Cajun country. This is the stuff I grew up with down in Terrebonne Parish. Do yourself a favor and indulge!” – Ellen Cook

“This beautifully written and illustrated children’s book has a lovely message and is a perfect addition to my young son’s library! I will be buying extra copies to give as gifts as well. Bravo!!!” – Emily K.

“St. Pierre has once again shared his playful joie-de-vivre in a Streetcar Named Delicious! The Crème de la Crème Brûlée is to die for. Thank you, for sharing all of these amazing creations. They remind us why it is good to be Southern.” -Dee DeVore Kenney

“Loved NOLA AND ROUX. That was my favorite! The cat in it was perfection and the mice…too sweet. The languages were a big part of getting the book. LOVED IT!” -Suzanne Ward

“I love all the recipes in Who Dat Cooking. They remind me of home. They are flavors of the Old Southern Louisiana.” -Ethel Morales

“So Happy to add your collection of Cookbooks and Children’s Books to my Library.. Love them all Todd-Michael… A Fellow Orleanian. (Camp Street ).” -Maryanne Toups


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