Taste of Tremé

Down-home recipes celebrating the flavors, culture, and spirit of the most vibrant and historic neighborhood in the Big Easy! Bordering its touristy French Quarter twin, the Tremé is the true birthplace of New Orleans jazz culture. From its earliest days as a neighborhood for free people of color, it's long been famous for its distinctive architecture, creative music and flavorful cuisine. The Tremé neighborhood has recently gained national attention from the critically acclaimed HBO show of the same name. With the recipes in Taste of Tremé, fans of the show—or anyone else who craves the most deliciously satisfying soul food—can create authentic Big Easy cuisine! Laissez les bon temps rouler! Bon Appetit, Y'all! T~M

St. Pierre has once again shared his playful joie-de-vivre! The Crème de la Crème Brûlée is to die for. Thank you, for sharing all of these amazing creations. They remind us why it is good to be Southern. -Dee DeVore Kenney


​This book is simply a beautiful and authentic reflection of the Treme neighborhood, not all the fancy-smancy uptown NOLA or NYC influenced and/or fusion-hybrid silliness that the HBO series tries to force onto a show that is supposed to be, primarily, about a nitty-gritty, down-to-earth area of the city of New Orleans’. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show over-all and I understand that they have poetic license; but what I love even more is that this book stays true to the Faubourg Treme and its history, music, food customs and does genuine justice to its unique culture! Thanks for keepin’ it real and not BAM-ing it up or over Spicer-ing it or (& I thank the culinary gods for this one most) not Bourdain-ing it to death! Braveaux! -Lisa LaFleur-Tobias (Fleur-De-Lisa)




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