---Note: Yes it is one of those infamous, southern Double-First names given to him by his Cajun Mama, and one that he has actually gone-by his entire life and likes... "It's only three little syllables" as he stated to me recently, "one may, by all means, call me T-M instead ...just not Todd, please!" Well, if you want him to respond at all, that is! I found his latest cookery book Taste of Tremé impressive on a myriad of levels; I've enjoyed cooking from it almost as much as I've enjoyed the humorous tidbits, New Orleans historical references and local color  that it so generously shares with the reader! A most-welcome addition to the kitchens of those, who like me, love Louisiana's exquisite food, music and culture! Hey Todd-Michael! As we say here in the deep south... "Just call me in time for supper! Especially if you're cooking!"

Rose-Marie August,​
(Two-Words. One-Name! Not "Rose") ​10/12/2016---
Todd-Michael St. Pierre: Cajun & Creole Foodie and south Louisiana native, is the author of popular cookbooks, like Taste of Tremé, A Streetcar Named Delicious, The Southern Po-Boy Cookbook, Who Dat Cookin’ & Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, Filé Gumbo! And of Children’s picture books, including, Chicory and Roux: The Creole Mouse & The Cajun Mouse, A Woolly Mammoth on Amelia Street, Louisiana State Bird Pageant & Texas State Bird Pageant! He has served as a judge for The Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest & has developed recipes for Cooking Light magazine. Todd-Michael’s books have been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Christian Science Monitor, Louisiana Cookin', Southern Living, The Denver Post & on AOL Food. He also contributes, as a writer, to elementary & middle-school textbooks published by Oxford University Press, Macmillan & Harper Collins. Find him on Facebook @ www.FaceBook.com/NOLA5 or www.LouisianaBoy.com